About us

The J.A. Moisan grocery store is full of antiques, souvenirs and treasures from the past. One goes there to stock up on good products, but also to fill one’s heart with good memories, because the atmosphere that reigns there is quite exceptional.

Founded in 1871 by the man who gave it its name, the establishment was known for welcoming people from all social classes, from the most affluent to the poorest of Quebec City, but also a large number of immigrants who settled in the city during the 19th century. Its location on St. John Street, an important economic and cultural crossroads at the time, allowed it to occupy an important place in the history of the National Capital; more than just an ordinary business, it has become a timeless witness to the past and a respected institution well beyond the ramparts it borders.

Today, despite several changes in ownership and renovations to bring it up to date, the J.A. Moisan grocery store still retains its warm atmosphere and old-fashioned charm, even after more than 150 years of existence. Come and visit our dedicated team, who will always make sure to offer you the best possible service and fresh products no matter what the season. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Founded in 1871
  • A Quebec institution
  • In the heart of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste district
  • An exceptional atmosphere full of memories